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and Transformation Recruitment

A Trusted Recruitment Solution & Experts in the Arena of Banking

We deliver unparalleled research, insider knowledge, and deep relationships with the most talented individuals.


Solution Resources (SR) is a Human Resources firm specialized in the selection and placement of Executive talented bankers and financial services professionals.

Operates in various countries in the GCC & the MENA region in addition to the Emerging Markets. Being specialized in the world of banking and finance is giving the company a great advantage over more broadly-based employment and HR consultancy service firms.

Offers an effective approach to optimize the client’s talent acquisition and manages multiple Executive Talented hires within a set time frame.

Solution Resources continuously improve leadership skills in order to provide the client with significant and consistent talented hiring needs. Talent with gaining experience, having the ability and capability to rapidly integrate into the client’s organization, understand its culture, and develop lasting relationships with the company.

We are the most appropriate partner for businesses going through restructuring, relocation or expansion.

Leadership Career Consultant

Leadership Career Advice, we offer the service to professional Bankers. You need to minimize your weaknesses while making the most of your strengths, and take your career to new heights.

Our career counseling services can help you meet your needs, whether you want to change your career or seek out expert job search strategies, we will be able to support you. Our professional consultant will develop a tailored strategy to help you achieve your career objectives.

Why we are Specialized in Banking Industry?
Banks provide services for people or companies who wants to borrow, lend or invest. From small to large and complex organizations that play a part in the lives of people worldwide, with clients ranging from individuals to businesses, and the central banks and governments of entire countries.

We’re proud of our corporate history. But we’re even more excited about our future. Thanks to the results we generate for our clients and the opportunities we provide to our executive professionals.

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